Wednesday, June 19, 2013

UFC 161 Recap

Roy Nelson has one of the best chins in MMA history.
The injury bug struck this event with a fury, but the UFC managed to still put on a quality show.  Winnipeg saw quite a few upsets and close decisions.  As always, I start with the Facebook fights:
  • The first of many controversial decisions.  Yves Jabouin gets the Canadian judges help with a split decision over Dustin Pague.  I think Pague won all 3 rounds and got screwed.  Hopefully Dana sees this and gives the kid one more chance before cutting him.
  • Since winning his first two UFC fights, John Maguire has now lost 3 straight.  Since starting 9-0, Mitch Clarke began 0-2 in the UFC.  He edged out Maguire to win his first UFC fight.
FX Prelims:
  • 3 controversial decisions to start the night.  Canadian Roland Delorme gets a hometown decision in an exciting fight.  Two of the three rounds could have gone either way.  Figueroa survived a back mount in round 1 but couldn't do enough damage to win the fight.  Exciting ground game action between these two.
  • Another controversial decision.  Robertson definitely lost the first two rounds to Pierson.  Then in the 3rd he rocked him and dominated him on the ground for the remainder of the fight.  He maybe should have let Pierson stand up and finish him while he was rocked, but Robertson is comfortable with his ground game.  I believe the judge that gave Kenny a 10-8 third round and scored the fight a tie was correct, but Pierson walks away with a rare majority decision anyway.  (cough cough Canadian judges)
  •  Sam Stout is a UFC veteran against a UFC newcomer known for losing in any fights in big time promotions.   Krause actually looked like the more calm and composed fighter.  Yet again Stout showed off his chin but was outclassed by James Krause.  Knowing the Canadian judges had been really sketchy up to this point, Krause made sure to get the win via bloody guillotine choke.  Krause took home Fight and Submission of the Night honors to become a rich man and a potential new UFC star.
  • Jake Shields was never accused of being the most exciting fighter, but he is one of the more dominant fighters.  He took home a split decision that Dana White HATED.  White called it boring and said Woodley got screwed.  I believe he won all three rounds and there was no controversy.  Yes, Jake didn't do a lot, but Woodley did less.  Woodley needs to be more explosive and not be neutralized by a dominant grappler like Shields.  I think the one judge that scored it 30-27 for Woodley should be fired.
Pay-Per View:
  • Shawn Jordan's stock went up when he took out fan favorite Pat Barry in less than a minute.  He took home KO of the Night honors.
  • I don't think anyone expected Rosi Sexton to even give Alexis Davis a fight.  She impressed despite the loss.  Davis looked good but is far from title shot ready at the moment.
  • I thought following his tough fight against Te-Huna, Jimmo looked sloppy against Pokajac.  Igor looked even more unimpressive.  Good win for Jimmo in a non-eventful fight.
  • Who would have thought that Stipe Miocic would beat Roy Nelson last Saturday night.  For some reason I did, yet I picked Nelson anyway.   Stipe looked outstanding using his long jab to neutralize Roy.  Needless to say, Roy's chin put on a show again despite the loss.  He is still a top 10 heavyweight, but Miocic is too.  Huge upset.
  • Yet another split decision finished off the night of controversy.  Dan Henderson lost a split decision for the second straight fight.  Rashad Evans finally gets in the W column.  Neither fighter impressed in a somewhat dull main event that should have been 5 rounds!  Good for Rashad, who I still think belongs a middleweight.  Mousasi/Evans anybody?
Picks entering UFC 161: 82/142
Picks for event: 6/11
Pick totals: 88/153=57.5%

UFC bonuses:
FOTN: Krause/Stout
SOTN: Krause
KOOTN: Jordan

Brutal Sports Awards:
 Beatdown of the Night: Stipe Miocic
Sketchiest Decision of the Night: ALL OF THEM (but I am giving Jaboin/Pague the nod)
Upset of the Night: Stipe Miocic

The cut list:
  • John Maguire
  • Igor Pokajac
Three Stars:
  1.  James Krause
  2. Stipe Miocic
  3. Josh Burkman (WSOF upset was so good he is the third star over anyone on this card)

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