Sunday, May 5, 2013

UFC 159 Recap

Doctors attended to Jones' toe
injury as he sat down with Joe Rogan.
UFC 159 from New Jersey was one of the weirdest shows the UFC has put on in recent memory.  A broken toed fighter winning, an injured thumb losing a fight, illegal socks being removed, and two fights ending in eye pokes.  To say it was a weird event would be an understatement.

My undercard predictions were 1-1 with Garcia losing and McMann getting a first round stoppage.  On a side note, women have finished all 3 of their fights so far with 2 TKOs and obviously a Rousey armbar.

  • The Pay-Per View started with Pat Healy debuting against one of the toughest lightweights in Jim Miller.  I remember seeing just one Healy fight in Strikeforce and he took a beating in the first round (I don't even know who the other guy was) but he came back and submitted him in the second.  I assumed Healy was just another crazy guy like Kampmann that can just take a beating and win fights anyway.  I was right.  The first round ended with Jim Miller nearly getting a stoppage after a pretty good beating.  Healy came back super strong and active and most likely won the second round.  After a pretty solid performance early in round 3, Healy decided not to let the judges take control of a fight against a hometown boy in Miller.  Healy secured the rear-naked choke and made a HUGE statement.  Miller has now lost to Diaz and Healy at home, so he should never fight in Jersey ever again.  As for Healy, I want him and Gil to go at it for a title shot.  They were scheduled for 5 before an injury canceled this fight in Strikeforce.  Both guys are now in the title mix, make it happen.
  • Following this fight up was Roy Nelson and Cheick Kongo.  NOT SO FAST.  Actually Phil Davis and Vinny Magalhaes went at it in an allegedly important 205 lb fight.  I joked about the Kongo/Nelson fight being next because this fight was very forgettable.  Phil wrestled another guy to death and bored the crowd to death.  He looked like he had better boxing and we all know he has all the talent in the world.  Please Phil, just try to be more entertaining.  Or, I don't know, try fighting a guy in the top 10.
  • Now Nelson and Kongo time for real.  Overhand right from Nelson and it was lights out.  That is pretty much all that needs to be said.  Nelson will likely take on Cormier next in a fight with title implications on it.
  • To say Alan Belcher is not at the top of his game would be an understatement.  He has had ups and downs in his career, but he is on the down side right now.  He looked unimpressive losing to Okami entering his fight with Bisping.  He lost the trash talking, he lost his foot tape and sock to an apparent rule, he lost the fight, and most importantly lost his eyeball.  No he did not actually lose his eye but boy he took some damage to it.  An eye poke in the 3rd round sliced his eyelid open and bloodied up his eye.  It was one of the most disgusting things I have seen in a fight, and it was an all around sad time for Belcher fans like myself.  As for Bisping, he is still a top 5 guy and will look to take on somebody like Okami, Boetsch, Costa, Souza, or Rockhold in the near future.
  • Jones vs Sonnen was a very disappointing match for a couple of reasons.  First, it was sad to see Chael get dominated so easily.  Chael is known to bring it, love him or hate him.  He always takes it to his opponent and is a strong wrestler.  He was beat in his own game.  Jones took him down and beat him up.  Second, this was a poor stoppage by a very inexperienced ref.  Sonnen was defending himself adequately and was in no danger of being knocked out.  His hands were up and he was still in it.  That said, THANK GOD the fight was stopped.  A broken toe TKO loss for Jones would have been stupid.  Sonnen clearly was outmatched and there was no doubt in anyone's mind, including Chael, that Jones was the better fighter.
My predictions were as I said 1-1 on prelims and 3-2 on the main card.
Totals: 58/105 (55%)

UFC 159 three stars:
  1. Pat Healy (obviously since he won Submission of the Night and Fight of the Night and beat a top 5 lightweight)
  2. Roy Nelson
  3. Sara McMann

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