Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NHL Playoffs: Round 2 Quick Picks

Patrice Bergeron caps off an amazing 3-goal
comeback with the OT winner in game 7.
After going 6/8 in the first round, it's time for round 2.  Of the 6 picks I made correct, 4 of them I predicted the correct number of games that it would take.  Pretty legit if you ask me, especially when both 6 and 7 seeds advanced to the next round.  Round 2 picks:

East Conference:
1. Pittsburgh Penguins vs 7. Ottawa Senators- Penguins in 7

4. Boston Bruins vs 6. New York Rangers- Bruins in 7

West Conference:
1. Chicago Blackhawks vs 7. Detroit Red Wings- Red Wings in 6

5. Los Angeles Kings  vs 6. San Jose Sharks- Sharks in 6

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