Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dream Fight Card

Silva vs Jones has been talked about forever,
but it might only happen in our dreams.
There are so many big UFC fights coming up as well as a few awesome Bellator/WSOF cards as well.  Looking at some of these and trying to pick my favorite has me thinking, "What would the best fight card ever look like?"  I debated whether I would include legends like Chuck Liddell or Fedor Emelianenko or just use current fighters.  I went with a fight card that could actually happen now.  Obviously some of these fights are a little ridiculous to be on prelims, but hey, it's my dream card so I can make it happen.  Also, I think anything more than 2 title fights would be ridiculous so I had to limit my dream card to just 2 title fights.  Lucky for me, some of these fights are actually happening.  I hope you like my dream fight card, here it is:


  • Pat Curran vs Cub Swanson
  • Jacare Souza vs Demian Maia at 185lbs
  • Jon Fitch vs Ben Askren
FS1 Prelims:
  • Vitor Belfort vs Gegard Mousasi at 185lbs
  • Brad Pickett vs Urijah Faber
  • Michael Chandler vs Gilbert Melendez
  • Mark Hunt vs Roy Nelson
  • Josh Thomson vs Benson Henderson
  • BJ Penn vs Sean Sherk 2
  • Ronda Rousey vs Cyborg Santos at 145lbs
  • Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones at 205lbs
  • Johny Hendricks vs GSP
  • Renan Barao vs Dominick Cruz
I just want to explain a few of my picks, because some of them are a bit strange.  I like Pat Curran, Ben Askren, and Michael Chandler a lot as Bellator Champions.  So I found top level UFC guys that are exciting to fight them.  Swanson is stupid entertaining and talented.  Cub vs Curran would be nuts.  Souza vs Maia at middleweight would be the fight between the two best submission artists to ever compete in mixed martial arts other than Royce Gracie himself.  Jon Fitch vs Ben Askren is similar to Souza vs Maia, they are the two best people at their trade.  They are both "boring" wrestlers, but I think it would be a hell of an interesting match up for my dream prelims.

On to my FS1 prelims, I love the idea of Vitor Belfort getting in there with a top striker.  Gegard is a sick striker and a former Strikeforce champ.  They both could fight at 205 or 185, but I want this fight to take place at middleweight.  It would be a perfect top contender fight right now at middleweight.  Next I have Urijah Faber against Brad Pickett.  These are some tough dudes at the talent rich bantamweight division that would make for one heck of a fight.  I don't know how this fight hasn't happened yet, but it makes perfect sense to be exciting and meaningful.  Michael Chandler vs Gilbert Melendez is probably my favorite fight because it is the least likely to happen.  When he was in Strikeforce wrecking everybody not named Josh Thomson, Gilbert was widely remarked as the best lightweight on the planet.  I think he beat Benson Henderson and I still think he is the best at 155 today.  Chandler took the Bellator belt from Eddie Alvarez and is still undefeated.  Both of these guys are real threats at lightweight, even against the UFC's best.  Strikeforce vs Bellator in the UFC, gotta love that matchup.  Mark Hunt vs Roy Nelson would be the fight of the two best chins I have ever seen.  Those two throw bombs and eat bombs like it's their job, because it is. Hunt vs Nelson guarantees to be nuts.

On to my dream Pay-per view, I started with former lightweight champion Benson Henderson vs Josh Thomson.  I love Thomson and he would be an excellent match up for Benson.  Josh is still a top 5 lightweight and this fight also guarantees excitement.  Another lightweight match includes the rematch between BJ Penn and Sean Sherk 2.  The first fight was the biggest fight in lightweight history when BJ was the champ and defended his belt against a man who was also the champ before having it "unjustly" stripped from him.  Only their rematch wouldn't be for a title, it would be for bragging rights.  I would want this to be announced as the last fight for both men, so they really leave it on the line.  Winner retires happy, loser regrets the fight for the rest of his life.  Ronda Rousey vs Cyborg at 145 would be the battle for the best pound for pound female fighter on the planet.  Would Ronda get another armbar or would Cyborg knock her silly?  I would love to find out.  Next I have the super fight every person ever has wanted to see.  Jon Jones vs Anderson Silva is still on the table although the hype behind it has dwindled.  I would still love to see it although I think Jones would wrestle Silva to death and throw his vicious elbows to win.  The first of my two title fights is happening in November.  I have picked Johny to beat GSP since the day he knocked out Jon Fitch.  I cannot wait for that fight to finally happen.  Lastly, I have the bantamweight unification bout as my main event.  Yes, the 135 pound unification title fight is the fight I am most excited for. Cruz may not come back to make this fight a reality, but boy do I hope he does.  Cruz is next to unstoppable thanks to his crazy unorthodox striking and his incredible timing with his takedowns.  Barao is without a loss in 31 straight fights including wins over Urijah Faber, Brad Pickett, Michael McDonald, Scott Jorgensen, and others.  The dude is a stud and I don't know who could beat him or Cruz other than each other.  This fight has intrigued me for a long time and it is by far the fight I am most excited to see.  It anchors my dream card over any other fight out there.

Any fights I may have forgotten?  Any fights you think I should take off my dream card?  Leave a comment!

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