Thursday, March 28, 2013

Penguins Do It Again

Team Canada's Jarome Iginla (left), Brenden Morrow (middle), and
Sidney Crosby (right) are all poised to win the Cup in Pittsburgh.
When I say the Pittsburgh Penguins do it again, I mean 2 things.  First, they keep winning, stretching their winning streak to an astounding 13 straight.  Secondly, they made noise in the trade game for the third day this week.  Morrow was big news, Murray was quiet but solid news, and what they did last night was ridiculous.  Jarome Iginla of the Calgary Flames is now joining the stacked Penguins team on their path to an almost expected Stanley Cup.

I was just about to bestow the Penguins with the Stanley Cup just the other day.  I held off because I said the Boston Bruins were "a Jarome Iginla" away from preventing this from happening.  When it looked like Iginla was packing his bags for Massachusetts a wild change in events resulted in the longtime Calgary Flame headed over to Pittsburgh.  I am not going to go into how good Pittsburgh is again, but it is worth noting that Crosby played with Iginla during the Olympics and they had great chemistry.  Kunitz is obviously coming into his own on Sid's line.  Pacal Dupuis might be out of his first line right winger job after this trade, but I would trade ice time for Jarome Iginla any day of the week.  Pittsburgh has some stupid good talent now and it would be a travesty if their season ends with anything but a 16 win postseason.

Earlier in the week I made little mention of the GMs behind the scenes.  Well let's talk GM.  Dallas Stars' GM Joe Nieuwendyk seems to do a solid job despite sketchy trades involving Neal (who i failed to mention is excited to have his old captain playing beside him again in Pittsburgh) and Ryder.  Outside of these he has done a solid job keeping Dallas relevant despite financial struggles within the organization.  Ron Wilson has assembled quite the team of his own in San Jose.  Both of these teams received excellent compensation for giving away Morrow and Murray.  Jay Feaster on the otherhand...

Jay Feaster has almost reached the point where people who have never watched a single hockey game in their lives know who this guy is.  He is that bad of a GM.  Have I mentioned before that Calgary should fire this guy?  Here it is one more time.  Fire this guy!  He traded away a Calgary legend.  In fact, Dallas drafted Iginla and traded him to Calgary for the man I just mentioned above, Joe Nieuwendyk.  But back to the point at hand, Feaster traded Iginla.  Now this is not necessarily a bad thing because his team is awful and Iginla deserves better than Calgary.  However, the return on this investment is beyond laughable.  Ray Shero has been one of the better GMs in the league for a while in Pittsburgh.  He had to have known Feaster was an idiot and took full advantage of the situation.  Pittsburgh receive one of the best players of the past decade in exchange for a first round pick (probably 30th after they win the Cup), Kenneth Agostino, and Ben Hanowski.  WOW!

For those of you who do not know Agostino and Hanowski, do not feel ashamed.  NOBODY DOES!  Agostino currently has put up an insane 37 points in 33 games for Yale this year.  That means the 5th round pick from 2010 will definitely translate into NHL talent.  Sarcasm.  As for Hanowski, he was a 3rd round pick in 2009 currently playing for St. Cloud State.  This right winger has a gargantuan 29 points in 34 games in the WCHA.  Like I said with Agostino, this guy is a can't miss prospect.  Kidding again.  There is, however, one thing I will never joke about ever.  Fire. Jay. Feaster. Please.  And never give that guy another GM position ever again.

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